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Neecha Klee (Bizhiw)

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I am an experienced digital creative based in Ottawa, Canada. I navigate through my wide array of skills in digital, motion, and print design with fluidity and devotion. Just like my name origin, I’m a powerful force to be reckoned with. Being an exceptional creative who has natural talents in both the design and development components of creation, I can achieve anything I set my eyes on.

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What I have that will help you:

  • Start-up experience, so I know firsthand how to get through the early hurdles.
  • Formal Education: IMD Diploma; Front-End Development Certificate; UX Certificate. I’ve always had an eye for design, and that led me to pursue an education on it to become the best I could be.
  • A lifetime of learning and creating. From early childhood to adulthood, I’ve always been a conscientious creator.
  • Great communication and organization skills, second to none.
  • A passionate, hard-working attitude. Whatever you need, I can get it done.
  • A unique love for design and media. Your great idea is going to need equally great presentation. That comes as second nature to me, and I will enjoy the process every step of the way.

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